clean energy decision support

JuiceBox helps you design an achievable pathway to clean energy. It's an energy grid simulation that merges existing infrastructure with new ideas and local voices. Complex issues are translated into simple graphics, so you can quickly and effectively demonstrate real-world energy options. JuiceBox networking lets you work together with other professionals and engage your community – making it faster and easier to develop clean energy strategies that work.

Stay ahead of the carbon curve.

Increasingly stringent carbon regulations are an important industry risk, demanding a broader consideration of energy options. Now is the time to take control of the situation, work together, and build support for an effective and informed strategy.

Clarify the alternatives.

JuiceBox uses simple graphics to illustrate how regulations, markets, and technologies evolve over time. A friendly interface and fast-solving model makes it easy to lead clean energy conversations. JuiceBox cultivates openness with transparent data managed by industry experts. With verified data going in and understandable results coming out, you can be confident that your analysis is objective and realistic.

Start building consensus today.

JuiceBox is available now. You can begin developing scenarios, sharing ideas, and finding common ground. It’s simple to get started using pre-loaded federal modeling data. We’ll help you customize data to better reflect local conditions and establish the right team of experts to work with you. Try the demo, sign up, or schedule a demonstration.

Save time and minimize frustration.

JuiceBox is easy to use. Anyone can run simulations that are solved in seconds with simple graphical results. Our cloud-managed data means your simulations update automatically so your team can brainstorm in real time and share instantly. You won’t lose time recreating and redistributing data each time new information is added.

Explore more options.

Other simulation tools make decisions for you. With JuiceBox, you have unlimited control and flexibility to examine big ideas or small projects. You can customize strategies that minimally meet existing regulations, or strive for industry-leading targets.

Keep up with your neighbors.

JuiceBox lets contributors from across the country adapt information as market conditions change. You can network your simulations within these dynamic, interconnected markets. Not only are you aware of the changes next door, your simulations reflect the influence of regional markets on your local system.

What others are saying.

“[JuiceBox] represents a huge step forward in existing multi-dimensional energy simulation packages, which this team knows intimately... It would be of great advantage to clean-energy entrepreneurs, providing in one package both a superior system for estimating the impact of their solutions, and also representing those solutions to investors and the public... The multiplayer game approach supports both a more precise and more global analysis of new technologies' energy impact, enabling the addition of detailed data from a vast variety of energy stakeholders to a system capable of responding quickly to that data... It may be impossible to overestimate its potential value for energy forecasting.”

-National Science Foundation, Small Business Innovation Research Proposal Review.

Ready to Take Part?

JuiceBox connects industry leaders, decision makers, and problem solvers – bringing you into an informed conversation quickly and affordably. Take part in an expert community that creates better data, better planning and a better future.

JuiceBox is available now and is easy to use. You can start testing alternatives today.
Try it out. Then contact us for pricing and licensing terms.