Stay ahead of the carbon curve.

Increasingly stringent carbon regulations are an important industry risk, demanding a broader consideration of energy options. Now is the time to take control of the situation, work together, and build support for an effective and informed strategy.

Clarify the alternatives.

JuiceBox uses simple graphics to illustrate how regulations, markets, and technologies evolve over time. A friendly interface and fast-solving model makes it easy to lead clean energy conversations. JuiceBox cultivates openness with transparent data managed by industry experts. With verified data going in and understandable results coming out, you can be confident that your analysis is objective and realistic.

Start building consensus today.

JuiceBox is available now. You can begin developing scenarios, sharing ideas, and finding common ground. It’s simple to get started using pre-loaded federal modeling data. We’ll help you customize data to better reflect local conditions and establish the right team of experts to work with you. Try the demo, sign up, or schedule a demonstration.