JuiceBox software is a product of Meier Engineering Research LLC. Paul Meier, Principal

Paul Meier has over 20 years of experience in energy sector analysis, air quality research, and decision-support technology. Meier has collaborated with pioneering internet game developer, Bo Monroe (Whatever Develops LLC), to reimagine conventional energy resource planning using the principals of networked multi-user games. Meier and Monroe created JuiceBox.org to integrate "local-to-global" analysis of low-emission energy futures. In 2017 and 2018, USEPA contracted for JuiceBox software to evaluate its use as a stakeholder accessible modeling platform.

Meier was the Director of Engineering for Blumont Engineering Solutions from 2016 - 2018. His work included evaluating power-sector emission projection methodologies on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and assisting the Massachusetts Institute of Technology study on The Future of Nuclear Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World.

Meier previously served as a scientist at the University of Wisconsin -Madison from 2006 -2016, including as Director of the UW Energy Institute from 2006 – 2012. His research focused on air quality and climate impacts for national-scale technology and infrastructure pathways, including for electric power, building efficiency, bioenergy, transportation fuels, light duty vehicles, and heavy-duty freight. Research highlights include a national study of low-emission vehicle pathways and an evaluation of climate and air-quality impacts for the U.S. building sector.

Meier's work has consistently transformed energy and environmental data into actionable information. He has developed and co-developed multiple decision support tools, including for electric utility planning simulation, heavy duty freight emissions analysis, and transportation fuel life-cycle assessment. He maintains national models of U.S. light duty transportation and U.S. power generation. Meier authored the MyPower electricity dispatch model, which was used for university courses, peer-reviewed research, and now serves as the economic dispatch algorithm for JuiceBox software.

Meier has environmental engineering degrees from Purdue University and Clemson University and earned his Doctorate from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He is a licensed professional engineer.